Quarter-Horse-Play 2.4.0

Quarter-Horse-Play 2.4.0: Horse racing simulator -  Play off the computer on a game-board-like setting Designed to show you what it`s like to gamble at the race track, Quarter-Horse-Play can teach you about such items as: What a tote board is and how to read it. What it means to make a WIN, PLACE or SHOW wager. What the odds are and how they`re calculated. and much more.

Sport Betting 1.0: Sport Betting Guide by http://www.
Sport Betting 1.0

Sports betting is exciting and fun, but needs to be treated purely as an entertainment. People are encouraged to gamble sensibly, and only with money they can afford to lose. It was designed as an entertainment venue, and needs to be treated as such, in this guide by we make things simple and tell you everything you need to know about online sport betting!

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Ticker Tycoon 1.04: A fun stock market trading simulation game that puts you against the computer.
Ticker Tycoon 1.04

Ticker Tycoon puts you against the computer in a fun and addictive stock market trading simulation game. Gamble and learn without losing a cent! Includes stock charts, options trading, news events, earnings reports, and variable levels of difficulty. Includes fully integrated help system to make learning the game easy. Both novice and experienced investors can enjoy hours of fighting the computer opponent for a spot in the winner`s circle!

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African Freecell 1.0: Play cards with native Africans of the most powerful tribe.
African Freecell 1.0

Play cards with native Africans of the most powerful tribe. Living far away from the civilization they have learnt to play cards very well. Now they are world known gamblers and unexcelled solitaire professionals. They can defeat you easily. But nevertheless, stand up for yourself! Do your best and win a victory.

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Dice Solitaire 1.0: Unique excitement of gambling and ideal serenity of Solitaire!
Dice Solitaire 1.0

Immerse into unique excitement of gambling and ideal serenity of Solitaire games with a nice novelty – Dice Solitaire! Mix of two different styles – dice and cards – will go to fans’ liking of both game types. Competing with the time factor in a Quest Mode or just relax while playing in Relaxing Mode get to know who you are – Learner, Gambler or King!

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Bankspinner 2.0.1

gamble to get the next one up or if lose the one below, else if you collect you get the original one you have won. All the money you win which is put into your bank you can then use to get more credits to play the game, initially 20 plays are given and it costs 1 credit per game. Whenever you wish to end the game if you are lucky enough you can add your name to the HIGH SCORE list. All this with spectacular graphics, groovy music and wild sounds

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